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DeltaBeatz is a German music producer, rapper and songwriter. He is mainly active in the Hip-Hop genre, while his music is often influenced by pop, soul and folk music.

He was born in the German state North-Rhine Westphalia where he is currently  studying business administration and electrical engineering.

He started producing music in 2007, although he already had experiences in music productions because of his work as a rapper. However, in 2011 he released one of his beats for the first time on YouTube. Since then, he accomplished to improve the quality of his work on the one hand and always generate new styles by putting elements of different genres into his own productions on the other hand.

Now, in 2012, DeltaBeatz decided to take his work to a another level. With investing in better equipement, a better media presence (which contains a better web presence) and studying musical production as well as musical theory, DeltaBeatz is "stepping his game up".

Musical influences: Kanye West, Marco Polo, MdL, Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Just Blaze, Kool and Dre.


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